The biggest difference between sponsorship and advertising is that sponsorships are customized to create unique promotional campaigns that leverage your brand and your audience. Sponsors are business partners.

“This program is brought to you by”


Monthly based banners will be display in all internal pages with the exception of individual episode pages. These banners will be available in all main show and host pages, as well as about, schedule, seasons, contact, blogs, special features, and among others.


Our sponsored banners are permanent and embedded within every episode. These banners are placed right underneath each video player. Our site is also designed to be social media friendly but we strategically connect all links back to the original site to watch the episode. Our viewers will always go to www.gaychicagotv.com to watch the video allowing your sponsored banner to have maximum exposure.


Sponsored video ads are also permanent and embedded within every episode. These video ads are place in between the intro of the show and the content. That means that no matter when or where on the web the episode ends up, the advertising sponsoring the episode will be displayed, no limited views for your investment!


Thank you for your interest in advertising with us. For more information about advertising or for a full media kit please contact our sales team at Ads@gaytvonthego.com or call (773) 841-8838