History of GAY TV ON THE GO

GAY TV ON THE GO  emerged through multiple conversations over the summer of 2011 into a creative web-based television station geared toward the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community. Its vision was to further establish a positive example of the LGBTQ community,  friends, allies,  and to fill a gap in mainstream media.

GAY TV ON THE GO is partially a response to the “It Gets Better” campaign started after the suicides of young LGBTQ individuals during the fall of 2010 gained national media attention. “It Gets Better”  is an amazing campaign to help young LGBTQ people who are struggling with bullying, depression, or family issues to see that where they are in this very moment is temporary. It is a grain of hope in a moment of despair, but we want to push it further and show how good it gets. GAY TV ON THE GO shows the breadth of the LGBTQ community in an easily accessible and mainstream way to create an environment where young people, as well as others outside the LGBTQ community, can truly see the reality of the “It Gets Better” campaign. GAY TV ON THE GO shows that we are not only LGBTQ, but also neighbors, family, and friends. We are doctors, lawyers, teachers, comedians and chefs. We go on dates, we have partners and kids. We are everyday people and in the end that is how good it gets. It also brings LGBTQ issues to the heterosexual community and mainstream media firsthand from an LGBTQ perspective.

GAY TV ON THE GO also cares for our communities and our businesses. As the internet has expanded both in content and in geographical reach, there has been a growing focus on global issues, creating a lack of local coverage. It is now easier to find out about an election outcome halfway around the word than who our local politicians are or where they stand on important issues.

GAY TV ON THE GO brings television back to the days of quality content with audience participation by taking shows “to the streets” and by creating a platform to showcase creative content from members of the LGBTQ community. There are few outlets for LGBTQ talent that can reach the masses. GAY TV ON THE GO knows there is a plethora of talent within the LGBTQ community that deserves the chance to be seen and heard. It created a space just for that purpose; to highlight our artists, filmmakers, musicians, comedians, and more.

As we grow, we hope to continue to support our mission of being a part of and supporting South Florida’s LGBTQ community through interactive creative content, highlighting local business and talent, and spreading a message of hope within the LGBTQ community and beyond.

Jhonmar Castillo

Interactive Creative Director